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Visa Travel Money


Do you want to be able to enjoy your vacation and have less worry in is what card to use? Well then, VISA TravelMoney Cards are what you need.

What is this service?

Monetary funds pre-loaded onto a VISA TravelMoney Card instead of cash or your debit card when traveling.  These cards are accepted worldwide.

  • Reloadable
  • Card is valid for 2 years
  • Available in amounts of $100 – $5,000
  • Low purchase fee of $2
  • Low reload fee of $2 – can be reloaded from the credit union or online

How does this service work?

  • You purchase this card from any of our Member Service Representatives at any of our 4 locations.
  • The funds will be available within 3 hours of it being activated by the purchaser

What are the benefits?

  • Not having to carry cash or use your debit cards when traveling
  • Using for online purchases – card is not linked to a checking account
  • A great gift for someone who is
    • Out of town,
    • Hard to buy for,
    • Traveling
  • Can be replaced if lost or stolen – funds will be transferred onto a new card
  • Can access account balance online or via phone

If cards reach 10 months of inactivity with a balance still remaining, the card will be debited a monthly fee of $5 (by Visa) until the balance is de-pleated.

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