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Debit Card App

Exciting News for Members with our Debit Cards!

Take control of your money! In today’s mobile world, Debit Card fraud happens more than we can imagine. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to reduce the risk of fraud and monitor your Inner Lakes debit card 24/7? Well now you can with the MobiMoney app.

MobiMoney turns your online device into a control center for your debit card and allows you to control your preferences with all aspects of purchasing. With this app you can set up alerts for specific transactions, set spending limits, authorize specific merchants categories or transaction types, and set location controls by defining regions using your GPS on your mobile device. You can even view your current debit card transactions and current balance on your checking account. Not only that but you have the ability to turn your card off/on when you "temporarily" misplace your card.

To start taking control of your debit card now visit your Google Play or Apple Store, search for “MobiMoney” and tap Download/Install.